Merlyn Kelly

Electric, Upright, and Synth Bass

Merlyn Kelly is a versatile American bassist from Los Angeles, USA. Merlyn plays both electric bass, upright bass, and synth bass in various settings.

Merlyn has recorded, performed and toured in 35 countries around the world with various artists playing virtually all styles of music including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal, J-Pop, and Disco.

While in the U.S., Merlyn has toured and recorded with Willie Nelson and Gwen Stefani. He co-founded the popular American band, Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real.

After parting with Lukas, Merlyn moved to Switzerland joining the Swiss sensation, Eliana Burki and the Alpinisti

Merlyn has performed on international television with Willie Nelson, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sarah Brightman, Natalia Lesz, Dean Fujioka, MIWA, and Eliana Burki.

Other live performances include sideman work with Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers), Derek Trucks, Keith Wyatt, and Marty Dread. He has recorded for heavy metal acts including Tracy G. (DIO) alongside Ray Luzier and Toshi Hiketa.  He has also performed with jazz artists Bill Watrous and John Beasley.

Over a nine year stay in Japan, Merlyn performed for many Japanese artists and bands playing all styles of music. He currently performs with Sekai no Owari. He has recorded and performed with SMAP, Dean Fujioka, and Kenichi Asai (Blankey Jet City, Sherbets), and Mickie Yoshino and Tommy Snyder of GoDieGo. He is currently an International Advisor and instructor at Tokyo School of Music, Osaka School of Music, and the Koyo Conservatory in Kobe. 




Electric, Upright, and Synth Bass